Electronic Linked Annotated Unified Tablature Edition

Job Opportunities

Research Associate, Prae-Doc / Doctoral Student

We are seeking Research Associates (prae-doc) to work as part of the international Weave project ‘E-LAUTE: Electronic Linked Annotated Unified Tablature Edition – The Lute in the German-Speaking Area 1450-1550’ in areas of research including musicology, medieval German studies, performance practice, and music informatics.

E-LAUTE aims to create an open-access comprehensive and interactive edition of the lute tablatures of the German-speaking area between 1450 and 1550. The corpus (2,000 pages) has not yet been investigated as a whole and is barely accessible to scholars and professional musicians as well as to the broad public, has not been deciphered and has therefore been evaluated only selectively. The project has two closely related parts: the edition itself and pilot studies in the fields of musicology, music informatics, German studies, and performance practice. These two parts will be worked on in parallel. As a result, we will create a novel form of music edition: an ‘open knowledge platform’ in which the research fields intertwine and transform the ‘classic’ edition into a space of interdisciplinary and discipline-specific work.

We are currently seeking applicants to the following positions: